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What is SRT File

SRT files are subtitle files that are not encoded in the video, but play over it. Deleting these files completely removes the subtitles, and you will need to redownload them if you need or want to recover the subtitle option.

SubRip subtitles

SRT is the file format used by SubRip. SubRip uses optical character recognition technology to determine what subtitle text is and extract it into a file whose extension is .srt. The file not only records the text in each subtitle, but also records the sync points of the subtitle on screen during the video's execution. SRT subtitles are fully editable and customizable, since it is a simple non-binary text file. Subtitles can even be adjusted later by the user in order to place text in specific areas of the video, and to use specific fonts, styles and colors. The SRT file itself is a record so that when the video is played back with a compatible player, the subtitle appears just as the SRT file timings indicate it should appear.


SRT files are used to provide subtitles to a video as a separate file, rather than encoding it directly within the video itself. This, in general, does not represent a significant change in the video content, especially in its size, however, it leaves the subtitles completely optional so that users can handle them at their convenience. They can also be used to optionally add subtitles for other languages or formats that do not support separate video streams for subtitles, and that would otherwise require playing the video without subtitles or encoding them directly into the video. There are video containers, like the .mkv format, that support embedding the subtitle file(s) within the MKV file itself. In this way, a video can support subtitles without the option of removing them but choosing to use them or not, in the compatible players. SRT files are generally included with the files that are encoded for use, if a subtitle file has not been encoded in the video itself.


Here you can see an example of how an .srt file looks like: 1
00:02:05,110 --> 00:02:06,110
Report status.

00:02:06,110 --> 00:02:09,450
Captain, holding Russian "Akula"
at 400 yards.

00:02:09,450 --> 00:02:13,550
- Best bearing 0-3-5.
- We remain undetected, sir.

00:02:13,550 --> 00:02:15,550
Two hours, 45 minutes in her baffles,

As you can see, each text segment is identified by an incremental integer, and then the sync time (initial and ending).

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SRT Quick Info
  SRT format
  not available
Opens with
  CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultra
  VideoLAN VLC media player
  Media Player Classic