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WebVTT file format

With the arrival of HTML5, an open format for the creation of subtitles called WebVTT was introduced, which comes from the extended SRT format.

The syntax of the WebVTT text format does not differ greatly from the standard SRT, in fact it is quite readable and retains its original structure, introducing some format specifics typical of the HTML5 format.

Below is an example of a subtitle data in WebVTT format:

00: 04.000 -> 00: 07.000
; <v Captain> Hello <i> Anne </i>.
00: 09.000 -> 00: 11.000
<v Anne> Did you miss me?
00: 12.000 -> 00: 14.000 align: end size: 50%
* noise *

As you can see, the file begins with the text WEBVTT and continues with a line that indicates the beginning and end time that the phrase of the next line will remain visible. In the sentence below, you can indicate the character who is speaking (to apply styles later) and even include HTML text formatting tags labels to format the text. You can also align the subtitles, modify their size or change their position, among other things.

The tags are exactly the same as those used in a web page, using HTML5.

WebVTT differences with SubRip

  • The first line of WebVTT begins with the word WEBVTT.
  • There is a space for optional header data between the first line and the first text box.
  • Fractional timecode values are separated by a full stop instead of a comma.
  • The numbering or correlative of the text box is optional.
  • You have the option of adding comments and it can be identified by the word NOTE.
  • It only supports extended characters like UTF-8.
  • CSS should be used in a separate file defined in companion HTML document for C tags instead of FONT tag.
  • WebVTT allows Cue settings customization for positioning in video.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who like to customize, by hand, the appearance of their movie subtitles, HTML5 tags or WebVTT are the best option. But instead of manual work you can use compatible subtitle editing software that can help you in that task.

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