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Importance of SRT Files

Today, as the word 'inclusion' takes on more and more relevance, captions are becoming increasingly necessary, particularly as companies expand their marketing efforts and aim to reach a broader global market.

In another vein, subtitles are often necessary to ensure that your video and audio files can reach a larger audience or audience.

The simplest solution is to add subtitles to a video, through an SRT file, without the need, in the first instance, to make major modifications to the original video file.

The option to add subtitles to a video ensures that such videos are inclusive and easily understood by any audience. The market of online trainings is one the most interested in adding subtitles, and if possible in several languages.

But what does SRT mean?

SRT is the acronym (and also the file type extension) of the subtitle files used by SubRip. SRT files are plain text files with all the necessary text, timing and style information for the subtitles that should appear in the video. It is important to know that SRT files are totally independent of the video or audio to which they are attached, that is, they do not contain any critical information regarding the multimedia file.

SRT files and Social Networks

SRT files will also work on most social media sites that allow uploading of subtitles. With the ease of creating a single file and uploading it to your videos on each platform, instead of having to manually enter subtitles on systems that may not work 100% correctly.

Because videos are autoplaying on many social platforms, there is a high probability that viewers will see them without sound, which means that with subtitles in your videos, you will get more engagement, engagement, and higher viewer rates.

The previous considerations apply to the benefits of video content SEO. Google has the ability to track and index SRT text attached to any video or audio uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. All keyword phrases in your Multimedia files are searchable, which makes them appear in searches.

So, regardless of whether your target audience is the one that speaks the same language as your video, the inclusion of SRT subtitles is necessary to reach more people.

File Extension Info

SRT Quick Info
  SRT format
  not available
Opens with
  CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultra
  VideoLAN VLC media player
  Media Player Classic